Beneath The Shadow Of Christmas

Now the autumn wind has gone

The Christmas season has begun

Where through a winter fog it shone

The flame red fire of our sun

Immersed in wisps of cotton clouds

A silent landscape so serene

Crystal snowflakes formed white shrouds

Where only trees are evergreen

Icicles formed like tears of joy

From glistening drops of tumbling snow

And on the face of a little boy

A warming smile, a healthy glow

For in this winter wonderland

An ancient magic grips a child

The dream white topping is so grand

And Santa Claus is not defiled

Beyond the meadows showered white

A frozen lake wears a translucent coat

The cold wind whispered in the night

To make this stream of ice remote

Creatures rest in natural bliss

Fast asleep in the winter cold

Nature blessed this Earth with a chilling kiss

As Christmas yuletide does unfold

Far across this icebound glacial plain

Where kindness of heart does reign supreme

Shared thoughts of love will still remain

Long after the thaw of this crystalline dream