Season Of The Fall

Upon the lake of silver sunlight

Sway soft particles of gold

Where diamond splinters of crystal light

Break out in shards of white and gold

I watched two robin red breasts fly

Soar then swoop above the lake

Chilled air beneath each feathered wing

A whistling wind caught in their wake

Now autumn extends her icy grip

To dancing leaves that graceful swirl

They fall so crisp from towering tears

Those leaves that tumble twist and curl

Beneath skeletal branches a silent breeze

Helps sweep away the crisp brown shower 

Amongst the outstretched branching trees

A mighty oak stands like a tower

All below stand within its shadow

Beneath a sheltering silhouette 

The flowers that grow within the meadow

Will still be growing when the sun has set

So when the fall has covered all 

And the daylight sun has faded

When all is hidden by the human eye

And by the moon is shaded

A chilling frost will sweep across

Whilst in deep sleep we slumber

Then when outside the rain it falls

And the clouds burst out in thunder

We will not forget

Now the sun has set

That autumn holds such wonder