Together even when apart 

Your warmth forever in my heart

A gentle touch and warm caress

Are much more than a kiss can bless

When our bodies are as one

It is as if our lives have ne’er begun

Your lips that gently touch my skin

Cannot surely be a sin?

As this is our love and love must do

The kiss that is tendered must be true

There is no lie, no lie to tell

No woman fallen only two that fell

Our guilt that is given will not pass blame

On you, or I, or any name

I need you in my company 

But what will happen, is what must be

In time the walls will fall away 

And you will be free, but I will stay

A memory of love that we both once had

Of a love no finer, but a love so sad

Better to have loved and been given that chance

But the love in my eyes was no brief glance