Dragonfly Summer


Dawn rose within a furnace of burning sunlight

Night had passed and spring had drawn to a close

As the summer sun arose like a burning orange eye

Within a sky of blue and wispy red

Birds flew in the wake of the new day

Wings strong and silent

Memories of the winter grey 

Long forgotten in their tiny feathered hearts

Carts rattled on battered wooden wheels

Along winding dirt scattered stony country tracks

Horse drawn this summer morn

The swirling breeze attracts the dancing honeybees

Who swoop with a gentle buzzing hum

Onto flowered stamens grown by our sun

Where they settle and scoop the pollen 

Swollen yellow on their backs

Drops of dew hang from the petals like diamond crystal glass

Where they are cast like tumbling tears

Into the natural grass below

To watch the flowers grow in summer time

To see the sweep of the spiralling leafy vine

Creep up crumbling walls of stone carved archways

To walk across the landscape pathways

Cut within a maze of flowing flowers 

Where trees tower beneath canopies of green

Where their branches lean and sway 

Between the rustling whispering leaves 

I have waited long for the bird song to fill the air

And for the Dragonfly season to give a natural reason

Why this world must live.