A Summer's Day

High trees

Abundant with illuminated leaves

Whisper in their branches

Where the wind rustles them

Again and again

Unleashing avalanches of bright shimmering sunlight

Through broken gaps

That lap and sway

In mirrored pools of gold 

Upon a river

Where the quiver of the silver water

Does unfold her sparkling flow

The sunbeams low in the heavens

Streams of light

Break across the transparent 

Surface of the lake

Flowers awake in fields and meadows

Yield their petals to the sun

For they have begun to live again

Stirred awake by April rain

Creeping slowly from the soil

Their roots uncoil

And push each delicate sleeping tender bud

From the darkness of the fertile earth

Where a flood of rainbow colour

Grows from the splendour 

Of the summer sun above 

As mother nature blesses them at their rebirth

By caressing them in the sunshine’s soothing love