A Different World

The silent breeze the lightest touch
Blowing out with caressing grace
The warming sun that shines above
The ripples on the flowing lake

Dance the diamonds upon the stream
Crystal shafts of shattered light
Fairies frolic in this dream
Wings and skin of pearl ivory white

Drops of dew soak up the rays
Glinting on a spring bloomed petal
Borne upon the morning haze
Upon a flower a bee does settle

Upon the stream a gliding swan
Feathers touched with winter white
But on the wind that seasons gone
So has now that frost filled night

Through the trees along the path 
I watched young children play and chase
As they run they skip then smile and laugh
Carefree through the sun kissed haze

Amongst the branches in her nest
Sheltered by the fresh green shade 
Is a dove its heart at rest
In a slumber its mother made

A different world as seasons fade 
Through passing days that guide our land
A wondrous place that nature made
Long before the touch of human hand…