The Captive

Who am I?…

Am I such a freak

That week by week 

I attract so many staring faces?

Caring not that I alone grow old

And weary at their grimaces?

Tomorrow I fear brings another crowd,

And bleary eyed with sorrow shrouded tears

They stare at me within this cage

I may rage, but for them I entertain…

Are they not aware of the pain of being alone?

I growl and groan as children cling to their mothers

But I am held against my will

I fulfil the voyeurs form of pleasure

I was born to be seen in carefree leisure

I am free for them.

But I myself have no home

No loved ones of my kind

As forever I am confined

Why do these strangers gloat at me?

Oh share the reason why I must pass each season

And all time

Within this place

And rot and die without another friendly face

That does resemble mine?

My crime I do not know,

So please… Will someone let me go?…