Beyond the external human flesh

Our skin that twists us in its mesh

The light of life beyond its birth

Will release each mind from confining earth

In stars that shine through celestial fire

Burns each mind that does desire

The freedom in God’s blinding light

To free the soul from darkened night

Of human blindness, lack of thought

To seek the place each soul has sought

By crossing time and endless space

We find the heart and kiss the face

Of a god who lurks beyond our dreams

Of man’s great ventures and extremes

In its time it draws us in

And through God’s grace our lives begin

As each mind is merged together

And breaks the link that earthly tether

We learn the truth and find our place

Far beyond the shadow of the human race

Within the minds of the eternal being

Through knowing eyes that are all seeing

Our destiny is to be as one

To shine as heavenly as our sun