The Long Walk

She walked in silent waking breath

Hid each thought of passing death

Of veils and shrouds like cloaking night

That hid this child from ancient sight

And passing through the tombs of old

Where life through bone their stories told

Of centuries past, old lives worn through

As history claimed all those she knew

A child she was, and blessed by youth

No shadows thrown could hide that truth

Amidst granite pillars of crumbled stone

Faded inscriptions of words unknown

She thought of faces long forgot

Lost loved ones left inside to rot

And passed dead flowers wilting there

Their broken stems to show they care

All had passed, in time and gone

Beneath a sun that always shone

This made her feel at ease with life

As she passed two sleepers, a man and wife

For lives are lived and some are short

All lives are ended with poignant thought

The journey made is a new endeavour

Blessed by our God who lives forever.