Who Is God?

Who is this God?

This God of Creation?

A God of great wonder?

A God of elation?

A being so mighty 

So boundless in sight?

A God beyond darkness 

That brings us all light?

Born in each heart 

Contained in each mind

God’s truth in the darkness 

Is what we will find

Seeking and searching 

Will deepen the soul

And open God’s pathway 

To fulfil every goal.

Blessings upon us, 

When we reach for God’s love

And the stars are God’s beacons 

That shine from above

To mark out God’s Heaven 

And guide our true fate

To open up Heaven 

And pass through the gate,

That leads to the Rapture 

That we should all know

Where the warmth of God’s kindness 

And blessings bestow.

Reborn in white light 

Each soul will renew

And learn that God’s guidance 

Has guided you through.