The Sands Of All Time

The days of our lives can be long and drawn

A summer’s warm light or a winter’s cold dawn

A comforting breeze or a falling dead leaf

A love that is long or a love that is brief

A shadow of autumn or a shrivelling flower

A glorious sunrise that gives love its power

The passage of time withers our skin

And the soul in itself may cower within

Time long forgotten is time lost in itself

Love is life’s value not the coinage of wealth

The quest of a soul is to find a true mind

Reach out the heart to where it’s confined

Entwine in the memory and to cherish above

Rise in the heavens and shine in true love

Dying alone and forgotten by love

As the clouds and the darkness descend from above

The shadows of winter fall with the mist

I forget the warm feeling of the lips I have kissed

The darkness is calling and winter draws in

And the falling of leaves in the night does begin

The fading of memory and hopes of the past

Are lost in sad whispers, last breaths for the past

Alone in the darkness extending my hand 

As the world duly withers and tumbles like sand  

With cracks in my fingers I breathe my last breath

And the sands of all time will crumble in death.