The Burning Flame

The fire in the hearth it burned

Earth and hearts the embers churned

The lady sat and watched each flame

Crackled sounds that spoke her name,

For in the passion of that fire

Held the flames of passed desire,

Of years of lust and dreams far gone

The warming touch the eyes that shone

In youthful gaze, had passed this life

In deep malaise.

Memories were her cherished place

His hands his touch his glowing face

Were within the burning fire seen

And in those meadows so serene

Where as a girl of youthful grace

She took his hand and kissed his face

Felt the warmth against her skin

Beneath a sun that did begin 

To shine for her 

And caused that love inside to stir  

Like fire burning in her heart 

She denied the thought that they could part

But now the fire burned each night,

And bathed her empty room with light

The warmth it came from dancing fire

Not the dreams of passed desire.

The lady smiled and rocked her chair

Her heart was warmed and passed despair

In sparking eyes the flame of youth

Concealed old age the withering truth

That fire dies, and lives live on

For the grace of time has always shone

So she watched the fire all night long

Until each ember had burned and gone

And faded into blackened dust

To be lost upon the Winter’s gust.