The Water's Edge

Take me down to the water’s edge

So I may sit upon the shore

Slit my wrists and spill my blood

For all the misery I have bore

As the clouds they drift across the moon

The sun descends and the night grows colder

Fetch a blanket warm and crisp

Wrap it gently around my shoulder

Comfort me dear nurse this night

Guide me to the waters deep

Hold me tight and squeeze my hand 

So I may drown my fears and sleep

Wipe my tears and stroke my cheek

For I seek the death of my devotion

And through the grace of God go I

To die beside the surging ocean

I watch the moon upon the water 

The daylight blackened in my dreams

The silver light it fractures night

As my words and thoughts pass to extremes

My nurse she gives me a silver blade

I hold it firmly in my hand

My lover waits beneath the rolling tide

Beyond our footprints in the sand

Inside my love I will confide

Is lost, alone, upon the ocean bed

Drifting lifeless, so serene

He sleeps the silence of the dead

My love has gone, but I see him still

A man who held me safe from harm

But without his love I have no will

Except this blade and outstretched arm

I watch my nurse as she turns away

    And I lay the blade against my skin

The moonlight blazes up above 

As the gentle cutting does begin…

The nurse she bows her head in sadness

Shuts both eyes to hide her darkness

Shields her sight from tragic madness

The starkness in her heart concealed

A body lies limply upon the sand

The blade lies floating in the water

The nurse she wipes away a tear

Is it sad for a mother to lose her daughter?

Or worse for her to live a life in fear?