The Well Of Despair

You can see the stars from the bottom of the well

Daylight was darkened on the day that I fell

Tumbled through shadow, falling forever

My love it was broken 

Death severed our tether.

The link to my past spiralled away

And here on my back in this well I now lay

Gazing at stars, moonlight in my eyes

Crimson the colour of darkening skies

Dreams of my lover lost and remote

As here in iced water my body does float

Dying in dreams my spirit is broken

His name on my lips is mournfully spoken

   ‘Henry my love, I cannot forget

The nights that we shared I will never regret

But death took you early

And forever my pain

Will ache in my heart and always remain’

My breathing grows shallow my memory is vague

I remember disease 

The stench of the plague

Carts filled with corpses deep pits full of lime   

Painted crosses on doors 

A pitiful time

‘Bring out your dead!’ 

The Criers would call

Death led to this well and my final fall

But the waters can cleanse and the stars I can see

And the ending of dreaming will set my soul free