Inside a box that has no walls

Wrists bound with invisble bonds 

And locks that no fool can open

The shrouded mind rages

Fire, ice, a sea of sickness

Clouding, seaping through my head

Words spoken with a poisoned kiss

Wishing me dead 

My soul

Bled dry by control


Spirals blindly into madness

Propelled into the pit

I bleed and weep

Sadness holds me still

And stifles breath

Half awake yet half asleep

A living death

Internal torture tearing at my chest

Heart pumping madly in my breast

Dead dreams 

Clutching tight and choking

Stoking a fire 

And a desire to die

 To perish into dust

Passing day by day

Every minute of every hour

With no path leading outwards

Always back inside

where doubting demons hide

with lead upon my feet

I climb each weary step

Zombie like and in retreat

My back against the wall

I climb a tower of torment

Knowing I will fall