The Forest Fire

"There is a fire in the forest"

Blankets of flame wrap around the branches

Trees of green burn like torches

between the river of dancing crimson colour

A stag stands upon his hind legs

Ears pricked back

Eyes wide and staring

Behind him the grim clouds of smoke

Shroud and cloak the landscape

The glaring flames cascade

Bearing down upon the beast

As the feasting fire 

Swallows all beneath its wall of flame

"There is a fire in the forest"

Fleeing through a cloak of yellow haze

A maze of crackling vegetation 

Burning all around

Branches tumble to the ground

Seeing no way out

No exit from the dark

Animals turn upon their heels

A spark of rolling 

Churning fire

Lights another fertile tower

The timid creatures cower

As fire seals them trapped inside

A dozen giant oak

Are wrapped in swirling smoke

For the trees they cannot hide

As their branches stoke the flame

"There is a fire in the forest"

That stems from human shame

A monstrous din of hoof beats rumble

As each frightened beast 

Blindy tumbles and retreats 

Into the choking air

Unaware that there can be no escape

From this lair of flame

The shapeless mass of black and red

Belches higher and higher

Whirls its ghostly web around them

Whilst the forest's life does ebb away

And the smoke curls and sways into the heavens

Tears boil in burning eyes

In dying breath the Stag he cries

"There was a fire in our forest

Where no woodland beast remembers

What stood before these dying embers

No spark of life does dwell here

Because of human strife 

No creature lives to shed a tear"

Now the beast he dies

But does he live in human eyes?