The Lake Thief

The devious outlaw Francis Blaire

Lives hidden alone in his poisonous lair

His home is a cave carved out of rock

And inside the cavern he keeps all his stock

He conducts his work by Grimney Lake

A man as slippery as a Grimney snake

This rogue has so many false names

All used in his wicked con games

For careless people who have walked Blaire's path

Or used the lake for a cooling bath

Have often met his disarming smile

But little do they know that all the while

Blaire plans to rob them of their cash

And hide it amongst the other stash

Most will fall for his charming speech

And into their pockets he will always reach

Ignore Blaire's words his shallow charm

It is just an act that causes harm

IAlthough you may believe his lies

He would steal the coins from a dead man's eyes