The Never Ending Journey of Cora Pearl

Over the Mountains of the Moon

Down through the valley of Kil Kar Koon

Beyond the forest of forever night

Within the Wastelands out of sight

There lay a chasm so wide so deep

That tumbled sheer by a rock face steep 

Down beneath in this dark abode

There swept a path a winding road

Torches hung from cobwebbed walls

And moisture dripped into stagnant pools

A gravelled path led the way

Through cold dead tunnels of black and grey

Bats did hide beneath their wing

Hidden creatures were whispering

Staring eyes trapped dull light

To give their vision the power of sight

I with my travellers did walk this path 

As the creatures watched we heard them laugh

For they knew no man had been below

Where an ocean of ice had frozen in flow

I with my colleagues explorers so brave

Will march into Heaven before death and the grave

Thus continue the trek to pass through a door

That leads to another world unseen before.

Dhumass Shrester

Max Drexler