The Mystic Jewel of Gothar

Cut from stone from a sheer rock face

Is this jewel of the Grimney race

A giant ruby of deepest red

And those that seek it end up dead

It is hidden in an unknown land

Placed there by a magic hand

Beyond the wastelands past the Tower

Is this stone of mystic power

Placed behind a giant fortress wall

Where many wraiths and Dravons rule

So those who seek it have to face

These frightening creatures of the Grimney race

But one more terror blocks the path

And it sits alone in a mud filled bath

It is a huge reclining slug

A hideous slimy carnivorous bug

Dribbling saliva from a blood drenched maw

That drips on down to a blood stained floor

This is Caddarran the Grimblethwart

And a hundred adventurers it has fought

Each one had wished to claim the stone

But without a chance were reduced to bone

Bitten in half crunched to dust

As the beast fulfilled its awful lust


The Mystic Jewel