Angus Bower

Across the meadows and further still

Over the wastelands beyond Grinmey hill

Lives the outlaw Angus Bower

Atop alone in a prison tower

Because for many years he stole and killed

Until his castle he had filled

With precious stones and golden ore

All snatched through greed in blood soaked war

For twenty years his brigand band

Robbed and pillaged in this land

Until an army of daring gnomes

Set out from their burned out homes

To capture or kill this one eyed foe

With sword or spear or magic bow

So for many years a battle did rage

Until Angus Bower was locked in a cage

Whilst his men were taken and placed in chains

The gnome’s retrieved the ill gotten gains

As for the villainous Mr Bower

He was sealed away in his own dark tower

Never again to see the rising sun

Hidden away from everyone.

Angus Bower