The Bongle

The Bongle had a foot for a nose

And stood on his fingers 

Instead of his toes

He had hands but not feet 

Thin legs like a spider

A waist slim and narrow 

Although his shoulders were wider

His head tall and oblong 

Grew out from between

With one eye of orange 

And another of green

A large rubbery tongue 

Hung down to his chin

His mouth was quite large

And spread in a grin

His bottom was rounded 

And swelled from behind

I stood there dumbfounded 

He looked out of his mind

The Bongle was bonkers 

Or so I was told 

He had the mind 

Of a mischievous 

Five year old

He liked to break wind

Because that’s how he spoke

And the clouds 

From his bottom 

Wafted like smoke 

The gas would change colour

Depending on mood

But the Bongle’s intention

Was not to be rude

He had very few friends 

Because of his nature

A talkative fellow 

Although a rather 

Odd creature!

The Bongle