The Hideous Hogarth

Beneath in its chasm of great divide

A fearful creature waits inside

Below in the depths of impenetrable doom

Lurks a tentacled beast to seal thy doom

Above strained whispers of armoured men

Gauntlet gloved they stand by its den

Sword swift warriors who seek this foe

Light wood torches of blue fire that glow

They draw their swords and descend down the path

Ready for war with the beast Hogarth 

Their shimmering blades prism the light

As they hunt for the beast within permanent night

Shadowy, shadowy images dance

Watching searching with eye strained glance

Waiting for Hogarth’s vengeance so dire

Walking beneath blue torchlight fire

Onward downward into the pit

Scattering in showers the dirt and the grit

With steal metal boots that jangle their spurs

The monster is woken and slowly it stirs

Bravely, cautiously the knights marched on

Into the pit where the sun never shone

Wherein the abyss arose a hideous yawn

And swift into nightmares dark terror was born

So swiftly, so deadly this beast came alive

And the twelve gallant knights were reduced down to five

As tentacles slithered to suck down its prey 

So even those warriors could not get away

The Hideous Hogarth this monster so vile

Has a pot bellied stomach with a mouth streaming bile

It waits at its gates to take a huge bite

Of any foolhardy courageous young knight.

THe Hideous Hogarth