Night Chills

I always seem to cry at night

For between the covers upon my bed

I like to hide myself away

And as the dark outside lays out its twilight grey

I pray that my mind will let me rest

But memories do infest my mind with a dozen crumbled faces

Those who have passed away have found the peace that life replaces

But I myself can never find such peace

For my past is riddled with regret and strife that makes me want to cease 

For why do people have to die?

A child so young, a loved one or a brother

All we can do is cry as death it always claims another

And when my eyes have finally stopped the tears

My tired grip it slowly disappears

And into dreams I gladly slip and fall

Where within God’s world I have stood amongst the dead

For like my own soul they are free inside my head

When the dawn chorus of the early bird

Is heard in gentle song

I will sadly wake

For I know I cannot belong within this other realm

Because like all the others we have to wait

Until death it reaches out its hand and leads us through the gate