Urat Holme's Tavern

One of the most interesting places to go

Is where the beer and spirits flow

At Holme’s tavern near Grimney Mire

Where the nightlife will never tire

Spending money throughout the night

Soon makes your pockets very light

After about twelve O’Clock

Holme’s tavern begins to rock

As trolls sing songs of many a crime

But none make sense or even rhyme

Once their stomachs are filled with booze 

Their consciousness they start to lose

Falling downwards to the floor

Their stomachs cannot take any more

Nearby, normally stuffing themselves with pie

Sit the goblins of Arachny Stry

Bloodthirsty cutthroats of the Keep

Ghastly beasts that never sleep 

On their right another beast of the night

Slouched upon a wooden stool

Its green scaled back to the wall

Sits the monster Gradlan Grime

Its body dripping revolting time

In this bar he does not care

How many species he will scare

For he is feared in every place

He and his dreaded lizard race

Not too far from him 

Sits the outlaw Joanna Simm

A striking girl with raven hair

Darting eyes that watch and stare

Dressed in red leather a knife strapped to her arm

She is swift in a skirmish and always stays calm

A legendary thief who is clever and brave

A lady of cunning who has avoided the grave

This outlaw has earned a large price on her head

The bounty is signed the law wants her dead

Simm lives on her wits and stays out of sight

Lurking in shadows avoiding the light

She steals from the rich but keeps all for herself

Simm’s ambition is to gain enough wealth

To start a new life and escape from this place

To be free of her history and not live in disgrace

Arachny Stry