Fenris Gob

Gob thought himself the greatest poet

He often said ‘And don’t I know it!’

Smug and boastful with little praise

For those he felt in deep malaise,

‘I have great talent, look at me

Read my words and you will see

How great I am, my talent shines

I write prose not nursery rhymes!’

Gob’s conceit was mere pretension

He thought in depth but without invention

Blinding others with fancy phrases

And waiting smugly for their praises

Sadly those who read each word

Just viewed poor Gob as quite absurd

‘That does not matter’ Gob used to say

‘You’re a simple fool, just go away’… 

In time his poems gathered dust

And Gob’s few readers no longer fussed

Over a man who only criticised 

A man who people now despised 

And now poor Gob he writes alone

But he does not boast, 

He has a softer tone

Although no one listens anymore 

As now poor Gob is just a bore. 

Fernis Gob