The Mystic Wood

Hidden in the Mystic Wood

Where hundreds of magic oak trees once stood

Lived the legend Orin Sworf

Mighty warrior heroic dwarf

Slayer of a hundred trolls

Trophy keeper of a hundred skulls

With sword and shield of magic steel

Almost every enemy became his meal

Until one fateful morning

When a horse backed messenger came with a warning

‘Let me make this understood

Pack your bags and leave this wood

If you do not you will be destroyed

A fate you no doubt you can avoid’.

But the dwarf he did refuse

For he knew that he would never lose

So the rider took back his reply

Someone this day was about to die

On that fateful day

The warrior who came Orin’s way

Was the pig like beast Dagrim Du Darke

And his mighty axe soon found its mark

With a swipe he pierced Orin’s chest

And the fearless dwarf was laid to rest

Dagrim took a torch in hand

To set alight the mystic land

Every tree was burned to the ground

Until not even ash could be found

Dagrim Du Darke turned to leave

While Orin’s family were left to grieve

The Mystic Wood