The Beedledo

‘Who ate my soup?’ The Beedledo said

Looking quite solemn and scratching his head

A curious creature all covered in fur

A long snout was a feature where his nose should occur

He sat on two feet and had furry arms

The thickest green hair grew from his palms

His toenails were long and scratched at the dirt

They made such a noise I was sure it must hurt

‘Who ate my soup?’ The Beedledo cried

‘My stomach is empty there’s nothing inside’ 

The Beedledo grumbled and started to moan

‘Under this fur I’m just skin and bone’

He raised up his feet and plodded about

‘Where is my soup?!’ He started to shout 

‘I really don’t know’… 

Was all I could say

And the Beedeldo grumbled and said

‘Go away’…

I offered to stay and cook him some dinner

But he simply replied

‘No, I’d rather be thinner’…

The Beedledo