Vortanna the Fire Queen

An explosion of flame filled the sky

And thick red clouds came rolling by

Like the sunrise of a glorious dawn

But from the sun this heats not born

For flying up high like a locust plague

Soars the demon Vortanna Zague

 A woman from a fiery birth

Within the sky she has shown her true worth

 With ghost white skin and reptile eyes

She is no doubt Queen of the skies

With a flicking tongue and poison bite

She is a most ferocious sight

Behind Vortanna swarms her demon hoards

For up above they are the lords

God’s of fire breathing flame

For their Queen they fly and honour her name

On the ground souls keep out of sight

Or shield their eyes from the burning light 

Because if they fail to beware 

They will be snatched and taken to her lair

Where she will burn them in a demon fire

So when they leave they will be most dire

For the flame that burns will pollute their souls

And convert them to Vortanna’s goals

To conquer all who live in this land

And rule them with a demon’s hand

Vortanna the fire Queen