Keep Taking The Tablets

They filled her up like a pharmacy

More pills than Boots

Grey suits, black bags and needles,

Feeble, frail, but the drugs they never seem to fail

‘I will live forever, if you give me another pill’

‘What’s the effect?’…

‘I have checked my schedule’

Programmed like a machine

The lady dreamed of the day she could live a normal life

Throw the pills away

There they were all laid out on the shelf

Her health in bottles,

Her entire life inside…

‘Open wide’…

‘Here comes another twenty four hours’…

Thank God for the powers of the medical profession 

For fuelling her thriving tablet obsession,

She swallowed pills the way children eat smarties

‘Have a treat’

‘Come to the fabulous pill popping party!’

But tomorrow the laughter will end

No more time to kill…

‘I am ill, send for the doctor call him by phone’

‘I find it hard to breathe’

I don’t want to leave my home, I have grown old here’

‘I only want another year’…

The doctor, chemical scholar, black bag, collar and tie.

‘Try these’…

He removes a bottle from his briefcase,

Relief on the old lady’s face, maybe another chance

At a glance her eyes light up,

More medicine to sup!

The doctor has the healing touch.

‘Thank you doctor, thank you so very much’…

‘This time next week, you will be feeling much better’…

‘I cannot speak the truth, let her believe the lie’…

‘All is well’…

The ones who die, shall not be made to grieve…