Jacob Vale


Across silent windswept stormy plains

Over bones of goblins and human remains

Walks this wanderer on a lonely path

A man of madness with a satanic laugh

Insane with hatred vengeance dire

Vale’s evil soul dwells in hellfire

By his sword he lives and he will die by its blade

All creatures that know him are always afraid

Hidden in shadows they cower in fright

Watching the hunter who stalks through the night

Vale’s home is a fortress that is reached by a maze

But upon Grimney moor he spends all his days

Hunting the wildlife killing for pleasure

Pursuing his quarry on each day of leisure

Vale’s body is twisted battered by time

He has lost all his morals and lives only for crime

Stealing from peasants who are starving and cold

Taking their clothes and food to be sold

To unscrupulous traders who know not their grief

Those merchants with money to pay to this thief

Will buy all Vale’s goods and sell them again

Ignoring the poverty misery and shame

Jacob Vale is a villain who would sell his own mother

Claim on a bounty to trade in his own brother

No compassion or feelings flow in his veins

Only a desire for power through ill gotten gains

Jacob Vale