Grimney Moor

The most dreadful place I ever saw

Must surely be the Grimney moor

Cold and dank on a summer’s day

A place no one would care to stray

Even when the day is bright

Grimney moor is as black as night

No living creature ventures near

They hurry by in abject fear

Monstrous creatures it is said

Roam within this land of dread

Unearthly things not of this time

Covered in a sickly slime

Slither about in a hideous way

Forever searching their prey

The night is shattered by the groans

And the crunching of the victim’s bones

Other creatures hide in wait

Not knowing what will be their fate

What dreadful monster will pass by

And whether it’s their turn to die

But life and death go hand in hand

In this cruel and brutal land

I know you have been told before 

So please don’t walk on Grimney moor

Who rules this deadly place of dread

Where the Devil himself would fear to tread

No one knows but one things for sure

There is no place worse than Grimney moor