The Magic Ring

Let me tell you the tale of the magic ring

Of the wonder and wealth that its power could bring

For on a snowy mountainside 

This magic ring was found inside

A rusting battered wooden chest

And within a cave it had been laid to rest

For by this land it was forgotten

Until its panels had crumbled rotten

A man with a whistle found it there 

Within the cave so cold and bare 

He smashed away the iron seal

To see what treasures it would reveal

What lay within lit up his eyes

And made him jump up to the skies 

There in the box lay a ring of gold

An open doorway to wealth untold

He placed the ring upon his finger

And in the cave he did not linger

As he knew the legend of the ring

So with a smile and a whistle he began to sing

About the prize that he had found

Beneath the rocks below the ground

Finding a clearing picturesque

He put the ring to a test

Wishing for food then golden ore

Then wishing again for more and more 

Until the gold concealed the snow

Within a yellow shimmering glow

Laughing with a cheeky grin

Once more the wishes did begin

He wished and wished throughout the day

On and on until the sky turned grey

Then to his horror he began to see

That he was trapped and could not break free

For all around the gold did tower

As the magic ring became drained of power

And the man was entombed forever more

Within the walls of golden ore

The Magic ring