A Peculiar Picnic

At a stone table beneath a leafy tree

Sipping slowly from a cup of hot tea

Sat a funny looking fellow

With hair of orange and skin of yellow

His eyes were of the lightest green

A pointy long nose stuck out between

Below the shade of the towering oak

The fellow stood, and smiled and quietly spoke

‘Please join me at my picnic table

I will feed you well for I am able

To provide you with the finest tea

Please share my food come sit with me’

He gave me some cake, and some strawberry flan

But who was this funny little man?

He stirred his tea with the tip of his nose 

And took off his socks and wiggled his toes

His clothes were cut from the finest silk

And in his tea he would take no milk 

He giggled and smiled and used his nose as a straw

An odd method of drinking I'd not seen before 

I sat and drank one cup of tea 

And he spun in his chair and smiled with such glee

He opened a box containing four pies

I gazed at the contents, a feast for the eyes!

‘There is blueberry, blackberry, apple and such’

But he waved a long finger and said

‘Do not touch!’

Those fingers were long, and his nose was sharp

And he entertained by playing the harp

He asked for me to give a request

A special treat as an honoured guest

I thought for a moment, then named my choice

But when he sang he had such a terrible voice

The birds in the trees would not join in

They flew from their nests from the terrible din

I was glad when he finished so I gave him a clap

Oh what an amusing little chap