Demon of the Sky

At the crack of dawn you would hear it cry

From many miles up in the sky

Amongst the clouds near rising sun

A beast that is feared by everyone

Soaring now by wings of steel

Eyes alert for a passing meal

Down below people do not see

If they did they would surely flee

The creature now that lurks above

Has no feelings and shares no love

For where it is from is hard to place

As it fits no other Grimney race

This monster is one of a kind

With only murder on its mind

It kills for food and kills for pleasure

Selecting victims at its leisure

With blood drenched teeth and gaping maw

Razor talons snatching claw

Its targets have but little chance

When upon them it does swiftly prance

Because of this they have no time to fight

As they are dragged into a helpless flight

Which ends in death in a giant nest

God hear our plea destroy this pest

Felonus the sky demon