The Wibble Bird

The Wibble is a most peculiar bird

He flies round in circles and looks quite absurd

He hooks onto trees by a curve in his beak

And hangs in midair for over a week

The Wibble never builds a nest

For true power of flight this birds not possessed 

So when this fellow needs to feed

He hooks up a worm

Or sucks on a weed

He has long feathers of yellow and green

And wispy white stripes that flow in between

His eyes pop out as if on a spring 

When he opens his beak he’s unable to sing

Then every so often he takes to the air

So watch out below keep your head down, beware!

As he does not know his left from his right

There’s nothing much worse than this feathered sight

Flying towards you out of control

So climb up a tree or jump down a hole

For if you do not, or fail to see

This bird with a squawk fall from a tree

You are likely to get a large bump on the head

Or worse than that he will knock you quite dead 

The Wibble bird