Molke's Mushrooms

There is a forest on Haunted Hill

With towering trees and branches so still

Where shadowy figures move out of sight

Keep themselves hidden away from the light

There once walked a girl in flowing blue cloak

Within the dense forest of towering oak

And whilst she picked mushrooms in dark silhouette

This pretty young maiden unfortunately met

A contemptuous creature that lived in this wood

A grumpy old troll always up to no good

For the mushrooms that grew here out of the soil

Were grown through his labour, his hard work and toil

At least that’s what he said, but it just was not true

And the young maiden smiled for already she knew

That this troll was prone to tell awful lies

As for a young maiden she was very wise

‘Oh Mr Molke’

The young lady said

‘Can I pick toadstools, not mushrooms instead?’

The troll was confused but had to agree 

For he wanted those mushrooms himself for his tea

‘All right my pretty, toadstools are fine,

but these mushrooms, not so, because they are mine’…

‘But these are the toadstools’

The young maiden said

‘These are the toadstools, the gift from the dead’

The troll now was muddled and very confused

‘These are not mushrooms?’

He silently mused

Molke looked at the maiden with a threatening stare

‘Then where are my mushrooms?’

She replied ‘Over there’ 

‘Well little miss you had better go home

I will give you no mushrooms no toadstools to own’

The girl gave a look that seemed to show sorrow

‘Thanks for your kindness, I shall be back tomorrow’

Waving goodbye she glided back home

Whilst the wicked old troll to the mushrooms did roam

Molke filled a huge sack right up to the brim

Then returned to his hovel when the sun had grown dim

He had mushrooms for tea that dark stormy night

He'd have mushrooms for breakfast when it came early light 

But in the morning the troll never woke

Whilst in the woods the girl in the cloak

Picked mushrooms solemnly throughout that strange day

For she knew the troll would not come and say

‘These are my mushrooms pick toadstools instead’

Because those were her mushrooms her gift from the dead.

Molke the troll