Byron's Demons

Forsaken love for another taste

Of human flesh and adult waste

I live a life that dwells in skin 

I have no sense of mortal sin

Within my soul I feel disgraced

A heart degraded and misplaced

For what I was, I never knew

And what I am cannot be true

I had a heart that loved and longed 

But in my mind I know I’m wronged

Worthless, soulless and bound for dirt

Forgotten pain and swallowed hurt

Shared love is lost within a dream

Of passion sought to extreme

To escape the past, my broken world

From which unbound I was hurled

No god of wisdom can dwell inside

For love I lived and for love I died

Honest dreams forgot their place

And led me to a godless face

I see dull eyes look back at me 

And in that stare I cannot see

The man I once believed I was

He is gone and all because

I chose a dream and had such hope

But it swings above like a hangman’s rope

I have no faith I dream no more

Bitterness lurks within the core 

My mind is numb and empties still

And in my thoughts I want to kill 

All thoughts of love and honesty

Only passion now will set me free

But the past is lost, a ghost in flight

That leads me through an endless night

No torch is lit but the fire burns

And no love is given to this heart that yearns