The Wardrobe

As a young child

I used to have nightmares

A dark silhouette on the curtain

Or an uncertain sound

Often woke me with a start

My heart pounding as I listened in the dark

The wardrobe in my room 

Stood tall and white

Full of toys and books for boys

But at night it glowed

As the moonlight shone through the window

And cast an eerie shadow across its surface

Many times I hid my face

Beneath the covers on my bed

Placed my head below the pillow

Curled into a ball

Closed my mind from the monster by the wall

Sometimes the floorboards creaked

With staring eyes I would wake and scream

A beam of glaring light would sweep beneath

My bedroom door

Just before my father would creep in 

Awoken by the din

To scare away any uninvited guest

Lighting up the night and closing out the gloom

Scaring off the pest who lived inside my room

Father always took me by the hand

With a smile, a sigh he would always understand

‘It is just a dream, go back to sleep

The goblins they have gone away’…

Reassured I would lay back down to sleep

Close my eyes keep them tightly shut

Wise to the truth no creatures 

Lived beneath this roof

In the morning

Bleary eyed and yawning 

The monsters would be gone