Although technically not really the name of the species, it is the easiest way to describe a race of very tall people. The naming of this species occurred many centuries ago, when two local men from Gilgara were out walking in the hills together. Hearing heavy footsteps they turned around and saw a yellow skinned man, who was quite simply as tall as a mountain. stunned by the site of this gigantic individual. The conversation between the two men went something like this... 'That's a very tall man isn't it Bobo?'... Prompting a deeply thought out reply from the other man 'Yeah Eric.. He's a very, very tall man.. In fact, you know, I'd say he were bigger than big.. No, even more so, I'd say he were... A giant'...... This sparklingly profound conversation would have continued, had the second man also been aware of the Giant's shoe size, as it came crashing down on top of him, squashing him like a bug.