Wraak's home in Grimney

My name is Wraak. I am of the Menseni. 

In the countryside we have the ability to blend into our surroundings. To conceal ourselves. Our ability is so good, you may pass within an arm's length of us and not know it.

In times past we have been forced to become assassins and thieves, controlled by holding our families hostage, and by cursed neckpieces. This may be why my people are hunted wherever we go, when all we want is to be left in peace.

A group of my people lived in the Forest of Wendl. Menseni had been living there for centuries. A group of strangers came to Wendl Town and started spreading lies about us, saying we were dangerous, and that we carried diseases. The strangers led a mob through the forest, trying to find where the Menensi were. They only managed to capture a few. So they burnt the forest down. The fire spread to the town, and that was all but destroyed as well. And they blamed the Menensi. my people, for what they did to themselves.

I and my family went to a city and found a room in the basement of a derelict manor house. Despite the fact that we were no longer in the countryside, and so could not conceal ourselves, and depite the strangeness of city life, we were happy for a number of years.

I had been out foraging for food. Whern I returned, I saw horses around the manor house. I threw the food aside and ran into the basement, just in time to see my entire family slain by the sword, even my youngest daughter, who was barely two years old.

I went mad. Insane with grief and anger. I killed all those soldiers with one of their own swords. I went on to kill dozens more over the next few weeks.

That is when I met the King. A touch of his hand on my forehead restored my sanity. His arms enfolded me, and we wept together over the loss of my family and the slaughter I had committed in their name. He invited me to serve him, and I accepted. Then he gave me the gift of mercy.

I had to forgive all those that had harmed my people, my family, or myself. I had to show mercy to all that I met, to lift guilt, and bring healing to mind, body and soul. Whenever I falter, the Instructor reminds me of my own crimes, and that the King did not punish me for them.