VanceScarab's home in Grimney

I am an outlaw and mercenary, unjustly judged. I am an enemy of Grimwood Scribes, and all those that support him. He is a corrupt and greedy man. I started life as a teacher in Gollema, but I turned against the authorities and tried to assassinate the Mire Overlord. I failed in the attempt and was forced to hide out with  my gang the White Scorpions. We believe that we are justified in murdering those who support Scribes. He however has other plans for us, and has hired Kellerman Bolte and Absolem Darke to hunt me down and bring me in dead or alive. I miss my life as a teacher, but I enjoy poetry and music and often visit Holme’s Tavern heavily disguised so I can appreciate the creativity there.   I know there are Death Heads and Garak’s spies everywhere, so my face is always hidden. In the olden days I used to write and paint and was quite well known as an artist, but my work is banned from display, and much of it has been seized and destroyed.  Little matter, for I am dedicated to the task of defeating Grimwood Scribes’ regime of corruption.