UratHolme's home in Grimney

Although I tend bar and maintain a clean privy. Today I won't talk to you in the old way, as many fail to understand the tongue of the elders, and thus think me mad and old fashioned. Long times have past and many a patron has come and gone. My pa, Hengis Holme (many still spell our name with an S and it is common that most fail to know where the apostrophe should be, little matter mind) But tis by the by, and a consequence of little note. 

I myself was born in Carlina at the northern border of the Dudrassa Sea. Carlina was a small fishing village and is not on any map, as many small villages fade quickly when its citizens grow richer and its nomadic people have moved on. Pa and ma, and my younger brother Thadgin (May he be safe in the arms of the Grimnian Gods) built the Tavern brick by brick, it was a grand construction, until it sank into the mire and fell down. Pa concluded that we should build the next tavern beside the mire and not in it, he was indeed a clever man. I've known many a famous name, (Although I hate to sound boastful, but I do smile when I think of them) Draygon The Scar, Tobias Tave (What a drinker), Calaman Kade (What a bighead), Vance Scarab (What a painter) And the many others like Max Drexler, Joanna Simm, Gradlan Grime, Fenris Gob, Hellcat Meridian, Granyon Yure, Eliza Jade, Cass Crellwin all have drunk and got drunk at the bar, but times change and some are dead, and the remainder are off questing somewhere. Still, others have stepped through the big oak door, and have that same air of greatness about them. And as I watch them drinking, laughing, talking and eating, I realize that change is good, but much like any barkeeper, I would like to know more about his patrons. So if you have the time do stop a while, pull up a stool and tell me more about yourselves. Your Grimney origins, I know that some of you are using false names, and have the law nipping at your heels, but 'Curiousity has its own reward' My pa used to say that, I never understood its meaning. Take care all, and may the Zoriat Gods be with you always.