SweeneyGreen's home in Grimney

My position, as it were is privy related. Now, I know my place, but tis a place where I am proud. I’ve worked for Urat Holme for many a bygone year, and proud I be of the service and care I’ve given to the Holme’s Tavern privy. I pride myself on cleanliness, and would make no bones of drinking soup out of that yonder bowl, especially when sparkle shines before night’s first ale orders, for I have spit and polish to make a rear end smile! Thus when descent is given by said backside’s owner, I knowest that they will find their seat a throne that be fit for royalty. Ah, such pride, I know, but I have a mind to do my best, and awards are won, and I can boast a goodly sum when cleaning done, for Privy of the Year is no mere boast!  I dream of more quite naturally, and the privy of the Queen herself would be the ultimate clean, but that tis but a dream, but dream I must, for there is nought wrong with great ambition.