SlayvernKursk's home in Grimney

I was born into a brutal land where I found I quickly belonged, but my family were wealthy and although I despised their weak natures they were good to me, but goodness can lead to hatred, and I hated them. They wanted me to be just like them, they put me through an extensive education, and I learned much, but the truth quickly dawned on me that they wanted me to take over the family business, but my nature was not that of a businessman, and I was never going to allow myself to be controlled by their whims. So, I slaughtered them, and became the man I am today. Murdering my family freed me, and allowed me to be an individual.

I pride myself on lethal efficiency, killing is something I enjoy, and it fills me with strength when I kill another. My existence thrives on the suffering and misery of others, I have no regrets, and I am good at what I do, I like to make people feel that they are dying. Those who hire me rarely have cause for complaint, and if they did complain I’d probably kill them too.

I have many enemies, and that makes me proud. My ambitions are always revenge driven. Gwenllian the red headed witch at the tavern injured me, and I plan to kill her slowly when the chance arises. First I will kill all her friends and then it will be her turn. That will bring me joy.  

As for my face. I was once a handsome man, but I was wounded by an enemy, and one day he will be my last victim. I’m saving his death until the very last.