RextonShaft's home in Grimney

I live underground, and below Grimney’s surface it’s rather quiet, but I am not keen on bright sunlight, and the two Grimney suns make me sneeze helplessly when I look at them. I am part of the Clan of Burrowers, I am Drukian, and as a species we like to dig. Our lives are dedicated to the task of getting to the bottom of Grimney, along the way we like to eat tasty grubs and often we find wells of water from which we gain our strength to continue, I enjoy the simple things in life, and dislike the hustle and bustle of  Grimney above ground. Sometimes Urat Holme leaves the cellar door open so I can take a peak at what is going on above me, but I raely speak. Silence is the sound of thought, and I am happiest when all I know is the sensation of my three hearts beating.