Redvilst's home in Grimney

Some call the space-between the White Road; others, the Hidden Paths. By those ways I came to this land.

 As to the exact nature of the Hidden Path, let me just recount a conversation I had, long ago. I had asked Brother Mundwyn to tell me about the powers I possessed:

 ‘You are not Our Lord Christ, and you may not make magic, except in one respect. You’re innately capable of crossing to that place where the First Born may walk, and others may not. As to transfiguring folk into animals, bringing down storms and becoming invisible, these are all fancies and the stuff of romances and beggars’ tales. As to how you may make the crossing, I know not. It is for you to learn.’

 ‘But you told me you had the ability to alight upon that road, if only at its borders.’

 ‘That is different, and it is a skill that surpasses all description, so don’t ask.’