RainStarlight's home in Grimney


I am not a human. Nor God. Or any of them races we created to label them. I wasn't even born from woman's womb or the fruit of Man's loin.

My name is Rain Starlight. I was born from a star, my body radiate with burst of engery that no one could not harness its power. The power isn't come from elements itself but one unique part of Universe, a Star, it gives me powerful desire to use against the dark itself. It allow me to use Grimney's Elements.

My power are to manipulate the engery that Grimney holds; Fire, a lust and passion of people takes, and uses to fuel their fantasy; Water, a tranquil of ones' mind, and the will of its infinite wisdom; Wind, agile of one's speed; Earth, gives us life, and one to live on its rich dirt; Holy, the spirit of the loves one and their heart that brings its love to one's desire; Dark, passion of the dark thrives off fear, death, and plague.

I am different because my ears don't hear but to let me use my power of observation of my surroundings. I use my power to my desire to make people's lives easier, and secure their passion for their future, endeavor to instill their own heart's impulse.