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Illustration for my Sonnet of the Boy Band Factory

Illustration for my Sonnet of The Boy Band Factory


Sonnet Of The Boy Band Factory
pinkyandrexa aka Sara L. Russell

It's midnight at the Boy Band Factory
Five individuals shuffle into view
They're interviewed, then scrubbed clean as can be
To be the preconditioned chosen few.

First their hair is shorn of rocker's locks
Then legs and arms summarily unscrewed
Replaced with dancing limbs from a dark box
To conjour a more funky attitude.

Then each boy's brain is carefully replaced
With a brand new one in a smaller size
New voice boxes are wired and interlaced
To interact with mouths, in their new guise.

It's one a.m., and now the boys rehearse
To nail art to the cross of crass commerce.


Matthew Macfadyen as Daniel in Perfect Strangers