PhilomenaAquitaine's home in Grimney

I am Philomena of the Aquitaini Mermaids, grandaughter of the great Queen of the Crested Wave. I am the daughter of a mermaid called Onedina and a human whose name I do not know.  Born on the crest of a wave a hundred leagues high while the Great Storm raged high, I am considered one of the blessed of the Aquitain as I am one of the Nine Storm Nymphs.  My beauty burns as bright as the twin Suns at midday day, it is both a blessing and a curse.  Men of this land have come to know me as the Grimney Rose, and it is true that I have thorns as well as a blooming beauty.   My songs are where my true powers lie, full of love and beauty they also have a darker side.  My sweetest songs can drive men to madness and death, my songs can raise fierce storms that can sink a fleet of ships in a mere breath.  I rarely raise my song in anger, but when I do, it is unstopplable.  I set myself against no man or creature that does set itself against me first.  I love the raging waves of the cold sea of Dudrassa but above all I love peace and my new friends of this land. 


I came to Grimney a year agi to find my father, I found great friends at Holme's Tavern.  Urat Holme is like the father I never had and Gwenllian is dearer than any sister to me.  I met a young knight called Kalvos at the tavern and when the dark-hearted Slayvern Kursk tried to assassinate him, Gwenllian and I fought back and protected him. Kalvos and I began to fall in love but as he was a knight of the Queen's Elite love was forbidden and he could not admit his feelings.  In an attempt to forget my love for Kalvos, I had a passionate affair with an outlaw called Vortigern Jett, who everyone else thinks is blackhearted but I alone can see some good in him. Kalvos finally found the courage to tell me how he felt and I left Vortigern for him.  I have since discovered that I am with child, both Kalvos and Vortigern think the baby is their and the runs indicate that Kalvos is the father.

My people wish me to return as their heir to the throne but my love for Kalvos and my friends bind me here.  I miss the waves and sea air, but for now my heart belongs to Grimney.