Nydas' home in Grimney

I was brought up by a wicked wizard with a weak selfish wife. It was always thought I would follow in the wizards footsteps but I rebelled and learnt to do the white stuff but with all the knowledge of the dark stuff. So although I may be light and fluffy on the outside, always the peacemaker only using magic as a last resort, I am actually powerful and deadly on the inside. Underestimate me at your peril as many have found out! I struggle to be good and often finds myself straying into the dark side. Slow to anger but once roused beware!

During the evenings I can either be found singing in a Tavern somewhere, reading in a library or spending time as a mermaid combing my hair luring sailors to their doom.

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I'm also busy trying to make the world a better place by publishing childrens books with an emphasis on helping them develop good mental health. See more here: